The ‘Self Calm’ Podcast

The ‘Self Calm’ Podcast is coming in Summer 2022!🎙

‘Self Calm’ – The NEW Mental Health and Mental Illness Podcast – will be broadcast weekly and premieres at the end of Summer 2022.

Join me, Steph, and be part of the growing community of patients, carers and inquisitives who are hungry to discuss, listen and learn more about what it REALLY means to live with Mental Illness.

My aim

The ‘Self Calm’ Objective

Podcasts are cropping up all over the place today. It’s a crowded landscape with plenty of voices talking, but many are still unheard. I hope this podcast will be different.

With that in mind, ‘Self Calm’ will provide listeners with 4 key things every week –

  1. An opportunity to ask questions about Mental Illness, however obvious they may seem, and have them answered as honestly as possible
  2. An in-depth perspective, every week, of different specific challenges faced in Mental Illness
  3. Creative ideas that patients can deploy at times of stress. Promoting the use of ‘CCS’ (Creative Coping Strategies), an idea I came up with, use myself, and promote to others every day.
  4. An exclusive, comfortable ‘wind down’ session at the end of the podcast showcasing a fictonal story by talented creative writers (some with mental illnesses themselves), allowing listeners to engage with calmness after the earlier health-focused content.

Want to get involved?

To make the Self Calm Podcast as successful as possible I need YOUR help! Yes, you. Are you a writer with engaging short stories you’d like to be heard? Maybe you’re an expert with information that could help others living with mental illness? Or are you a mental health warrior who wants to talk about their experience? Do you have a mental health or mental illness related question you’ve been hoping to find an answer for?

Get in touch today!

Mental Health and Illness Questions

If you have a question you would like answered or a specific area of mental illness you’d like me to talk about, drop me a line and tell me more.

If I do select your question, please make sure you confirm in your message if you’d like to remain anonymous. All messages will be treated as anonymous if this isn’t confirmed.

Thank you!


There’s a limit to my knowledge. I’m here on this journey with my listeners trying to learn as much as I can as I go.

If you’re an expert or professional in any mental health or mental illness field and you’re happy to answer some questions, debunk some myths and maybe even be interviewed on the podcast, drop me a line and tell me more. I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line.

Thank you!


Are you a mental health warrior using creativity as a coping strategy? Do you have a story to tell about how it’s worked for you?

Are you a writer with a short story you’d like me to read as part of the ‘Self Calm’ wind down session?

Whatever your creative outlet, I’d love to hear about it. Please get in touch!

Thank you!

Who am I? Why should you listen?

Hi! Thank you for scrolling this far! I’m Steph, a Mental Illness and Mental Health blogger and amateur writer and illustrator. This website is my brainchild and is working hard to promote the use of CCS (Creative Coping Strategies).

I regularly write about my personal mental illnesses and struggles and include the details of my creative journey, which has had both a positive and negative impact on my health, dependent on what I do, when I do it and the people I engage with.

Despite living with multiple mental and physical challenges for many years, there are huge gaps in my knowledge and I want to know more. Why? I want to better understand myself and be a more productive and helpful support to others, including my partner and our daughter.

I use this site as a place to signpost other people who are struggling to appropriate help through my Blog (updated weekly), and the dedicated pages on the site (Our Grief, Our Brains and Our Spoons).

More about Creative Coping Strategies can be found of the dedicated page of this site. However, CCS ideas YOU can try will be discussed every week on the podcast. One of the main aims of ‘Self Calm’ is to help ANYONE listening, whether they are a patient or not, find a creative outlet they can easily deploy at times of stress.

If you’re still not sure or want to know more, please visit the About Steph page of this site, where you’ll get a more in-depth overview of me, what I’ve done so far and what I’m hoping to achieve.

Alternatively you can contact me to ask any questions or get involved. ‘Self Calm’ is more about you guys, my wonderful followers, than it is about me. Your involvement is crucial, not just as a listener. Visit the Contact Me page to get in touch today.

Thank you!

Steph Writes and Illustrates

“A kinder, more thoughtful world is a place we all deserve to live”

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