I love to draw. I have several styles including bright cartooning and still life such as landscapes and flowers. In fact, illustrating this way is one of my main Creative Coping Strategies (CCS).

I’m a digital artist and mostly I use Procreate on my iPad. I also hand draw and use Photoshop from time to time.

All of the drawings on this website and in my blog are created by my hand to fit what I’m babbling on about. It’s been challenging at times, mainly because I tend to write about things that are difficult to narrate, let alone illustrate.

Yes, my artwork has even been on magazine covers!

I like to draw with a purpose, so some of my creations are made with an end use in mind. I create illustrations for children’s books, planner stickers, logos, social media pictures, this website and sometimes to go on someones wall. I am a big fan of the japanese style ‘Kawaii’ and it features alot in my digital illustrations, but I do try to mix things up and challenge myself with new ideas from time-to-time.

In 2022 my creative journey started getting more serious, and in May my artwork was used for the front and back cover of the radical Mental Health publication – Asylum Magazine. This was an incredible, unexpected, defining moment for me, and proves that wonderful things can happen with creativity, even in the most unlikely, painful, problematic circumstances.

The journey my drawings have been on so far is below, I try to keep my most recent and most popular illustrations at the top (although the whole page is getting crowded!). At the bottom you’ll see where I started and hopefully, over time, you’ll be able to see some improvement! Thank you for visiting!

Steph Writes and Illustrates

“A kinder, more thoughtful world is a place we all deserve to live”

Email me: steph@creativesteph.co.uk

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