Weird Words

Welcome to another page dedicated to showing you my personal Creative Coping Strategies.

Along with my Crap Poems, i’ll also be supplying you with a regular feed of Weird Words for a couple of reasons;

  1. To show that creativity comes from all sorts of places
  2. To prove that CCS work
  3. To make you smile (hopefully)

Much as I adore writing and illustrating (they’ll always be my first creative crushes) I am feeling a lot of pressure over creating more and more so my visitors are happy and the people who want me to write or draw for them are too. That means I’m just not enjoying my usual creative ventures the same way I used to. As a result, I no longer have my own CCS and I feel like an utter hypocrite trying to tell you guys to find yours.

I spent a bit of time recently thinking about creative ventures I’ve touched on that are a little unusual (certainly for me) and would prove the theory.

Crap Poems was an obvious choice, having been forced into learning about them for my degree and turning my fear of the craft into a huge amount of inquizitiveness.

The english language is another area that I am yearning to know more about, finding myself hearing words that are new to me often and having to research them after the conversation has ended. I’m not particularly well-read or acadmic, so picking up extra words that you and I can impress people with in a social situation feels like a fun, interesting, consuming and worthy venture.

And that’s all Creative Coping Strategies need to be. Fun for YOU, consuming (so you are removed from your anxiety for however long is needed), fully prepared for when you need them and, of course, legal.

Just like me, you might find that your passion hides in an unlikely place. It might even be something you thought you didn’t like or have been fearful of in the past. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it makes you happy and can do so for a while.

If you NEVER tell another soul, that’s ABSOLUTELY FINE.

There is lots more information and further ideas on the creative coping strategies page of this site, with a more detailed overview of how it all works and what you can do to get started. No, I’m not selling anything – this is an idea that works for me when I am anxious. I have multiple complex mental illnesses myself and my paranoia and panic take over at the drop of a hat. For years I had to just give in to it, letting an attack ruin my mind and body, sometimes for days afterwards.

Since using creativity to help me, I’ve found it much easier to manage increasing anxiety if I’ve distracted myself for a while. It doesn’t work every single time, but even if I try and fail I’ve removed myself from the situation for a short period of time. Even those couple of minutes can make a difference.

So, Weird Words will now also be helping me manage my symptoms a little better. To show you how simple it is i’ll post them randomly throughout the week so you can take a look. I’m choosing the ‘randomly’ timeframe mainly so I don’t make it a stressful task with a deadline. I need to enjoy this creativity and not lose it to pressure.

Below is the collection of Weird Words that have been posted so far, and every new word will be added automatically.

This is where you can find more information on Creative Coping Strategies, and if you’re feeling brave this is where you’ll find Crap Poems.

I hope you enjoy this treasure chest of hidden words that, to me at least, will be eye-opening!

Weird Words

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