Crap poems part 5 – Education

We’re going through a big learning curve in this house. My partner is in some important training with his job, our daughter is now at school and at the ripe old age of 41, I’m nearing then end of my degree. If you’d have asked me at 16 if futher education was in my futureContinue reading “Crap poems part 5 – Education”

The reality of reality TV

Oh yes. It’s that time of year again…the sun is (partially) out, smock dresses and flip flops are impossible to obtain and the freezer is overflowing with Calippos. All of this is a surefire sign of the good news we wait for every June… Love Island. Ok, so lets be clear, I don’t watch thisContinue reading “The reality of reality TV”

Weird words part 3 – Abibliophobia

Well I had to find a word that related to one of my biggest stresses – books. I own too many. But I like to write and I love to read. Twists and turns, new language and slang, mysteries and scares, they all make me smile. Romance hasn’t been my thing for some time, althoughContinue reading “Weird words part 3 – Abibliophobia”


400 days. An astronaut could go to the ISS, spend 6 months there and come home in that time. Twice. If you position the start and finish right you could squeeze in 2 Christmases. For those that enjoy a takeaway once a week you’d have consumed 57 of them. You’d probably enjoy around 300 lengthierContinue reading “Outside”

Crap Poems Part 4 – Fathers Day

This weekend marks Fathers Day here in the UK, and as my partner is such a hard-working, caring, involved parent and boyfriend, we use it as a great opportunity to celebrate him and thank him for…well, everything. I’m sure many of you will be doing the same. But for most of us these celebrations areContinue reading “Crap Poems Part 4 – Fathers Day”

The jigsaw we didn’t expect has no instructions and never ends 🧩

When we finally had the joy of becoming parents, we were so thrilled and relieved that the years of heartache were over, we didn’t care about whatever the future might toss our way. The circle of 4 we wanted to create was finally whole, with 2 loved-up parents, a dog and the girl we’d we’dContinue reading “The jigsaw we didn’t expect has no instructions and never ends 🧩”

Haiku hope part 3 – The Fan

Close. I hate it when people use this word to describe the temperature, and my partner has been wittering it for days. Are you finding it dull and hot? Those pointless summer days when you sweat but don’t even see the sunshine are pointless aren’t they? So my latest Haiku Hope is dedicated to myContinue reading “Haiku hope part 3 – The Fan”

Cover Girl! 💋

Art was never the primary function of this website. As time has passed it’s become more about the mental well-being of others and showing that creativity can help with stressful symptoms. It’s been a wild ride so far. But by default of the writing and drawing I do for the site and the messages IContinue reading “Cover Girl! 💋”

What are we fighting for?

Arguments. Whether you are mentally fit, mentally unwell or mentally drained, it makes life infinitely worse, and leaves you squinting through a grey sheen throughout the day. But I think (deep down) that everyone loves a conflict from time-to-time, especially when they think they’re right. If I look back I remember cross words that feltContinue reading “What are we fighting for?”

Crap poems part 3 – time

I’m finding myself struggling with sleep, and that only makes me ponder time and how badly I manage it. My most productive moments seem to happen around now – 3.27am on Wednesday. Normally (like now) I can’t sleep because I’m in pain, and although being busy at this time seems efficient, later I’ll pay theContinue reading “Crap poems part 3 – time”