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400 days. An astronaut could go to the ISS, spend 6 months there and come home in that time. Twice. If you position the start and finish right you could squeeze in 2 Christmases. For those that enjoy a takeaway once a week you’d have consumed 57 of them. You’d probably enjoy around 300 lengthierContinue reading “Outside”

Cover Girl! 💋

Art was never the primary function of this website. As time has passed it’s become more about the mental well-being of others and showing that creativity can help with stressful symptoms. It’s been a wild ride so far. But by default of the writing and drawing I do for the site and the messages IContinue reading “Cover Girl! 💋”

What are we fighting for?

Arguments. Whether you are mentally fit, mentally unwell or mentally drained, it makes life infinitely worse, and leaves you squinting through a grey sheen throughout the day. But I think (deep down) that everyone loves a conflict from time-to-time, especially when they think they’re right. If I look back I remember cross words that feltContinue reading “What are we fighting for?”


Tiny word, huge meaning, millions of connections and a billion reasons it’s a noun thrown around without being meant literally. When you look up the definition of the word it’s realistic to assume that not everyone can be a true hero. However, when you see the everyday man creating mini miracles, acts of heartfelt kindnessContinue reading “Heroes”


I’ve thought long and hard about the contents and the title for this post, and there’s only one woman who I want immoraltalised on this site at the very beginning of this rambling moment… Adele. So, in her honour (as a nod of thanks for the many tears the album ‘30’ has encouraged since it’sContinue reading “41”

Crap poems- Part 1

No, I can’t quite believe I’m doing this either. I’m telling you guys, my wonderful visitors, to try creativity as a way of managing stress, mental UNhealth and Mental Illness when you find yourself with spiralling emotions. You know the moments I mean, when your head is overwhelmed by the sadness / pain / angerContinue reading “Crap poems- Part 1”


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