Instagram #dtiys Challenges

What’s #DTIYS?

This is my page dedicated to artwork I’ve submitted to #DTIYS challenges on Instagram.

The hashtag #DTIYS stands for ‘Draw This In Your Style’ and it’s a type of peer support where artists list their own original illustrations and ask other artists to draw their own version of it. Believe it or not, new challenges are posted every day… in their hundreds!

So there’s no shortage of challenges to try, and they come in a variety of styles and genres. I’ve seen work in pastels, photography, watercolour and of course, my medium, digital art. There are portraits, still life, cartoons, landscape and Kawaii to name a few.

I started taking part earlier this year and enjoyed it so much I intend to make it a regular activity as part of my Creative Coping Strategies campaign. It’s really helped me start achieving something I’ve been desperate for – finding my personal illustrative style. It’s starting to show, so practice will hopefully get me somewhere close to reasonable (I accept I’ll never be perfect!).

On this page are the images I’ve drawn paired with the original artwork from the artists who posted the challenges on Insta. They are in order with the most recent at the top. As with all my creative pages, I’ll update it regularly.

Thanks for looking! 💜🖼️🎨✏️

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