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I provide contact information throughout this website, but I’ve never collated that information onto one page…until today.

Below is a list of the sites I’ve suggested that are specifically available to support those with poor mental health, mental illnesses, looking for help for someone they care about or looking for help with the causes of mental illness (grief, body image etc).

| Mental Health Support | Grief Support |
| Chronic Pain /Chronic Illness Support |
| Eating disorder / diet / body image support |
| Pregnancy, Baby and Child Loss Support |

I also have a Stress Hacks page where you can find fast ideas to help you feel calmer in a fraught moment, and Creative Coping Strategies will help you find a creative outlet that you can use long term when ‘brain pain’ is heavy.

But please remember professional help is essential, and with the right guidance you’ll be able to find a long-term solution that helps you find a way to live positively around the stress / worry / sadness / grief etc.

Solutions can include therapies, counselling, medication, physio, meditation, hypnotherapy, addiction therapy, rehab and/or a combination of things. Personally, in my 8 years living with diagnosed mental illnesses I have had experience with nearly every long-term solution out there, and with the right tweaks they were able to help for some time, and many I still use today.

Where can you go?

I’m not always great at talking to the people close to me. I bottle up my pain and anguish and it eats me alive. When I realise I need help, I know there are some great resources available online…

Mental Health

NHS – the NHS website has so much information, but this page could be a good place to start, with links to charities, what to do in a crisis and links with details of support groups. NHS Mental Health Charity Page

Mind – probably the website I’ve used the most when trying to untangle the mess in my brain. The website offers so much, from information on mental illness and mental health issues and the many drugs and treatments available, to details of local groups and the best places to obtain support, often specific to your needs. Mind – the mental health charity

Kooth – this site is relatively new to me, but it’s great for anyone more comfortable asking for anonymous advice through their tablet or mobile. It’s an active community with peer support as well as more useful information and links. Kooth

The Mental Health Foundation – long standing and well respected, the Mental Health Foundation website is all about information and education. Their ‘help’ page quickly gets you the details of the various outlets available for someone in a crisis, a link to that page is here.

Rethink Mental Illness – Improving the lives of people severely affected by mental illness through a network of local groups and services, expert information and successful campaigning. The site has even more information and links on everything from education, rights, benefits and help for carers. It’s a huge resource and well worth a look. Rethink Mental Illness

SANE – a wonderful charity working towards making sure no one with mental illness suffers alone. They have a helpline open 365 days a year and offer an online community for people to join where you can read blogs and post your own (if you’d like to). I’ve joined and write about my own experiences on there regularly. It’s a good start for anyone thinking of talking about their mental health publicly. SANE


Cruse Bereavement Support– Cruse say that “Grief can be overwhelming – you don’t have to deal with it alone” and that is exactly where they fit in. Any grief, for any reason, for people who need to talk in any way, they are on the end of the phone. They also run local counsilling support sessions as well as a helpline and incredibly useful website. As someone that has used their service in the past, I can’t recommend them highly enough.

The Good Grief Trust – This is a signposting service dedicated to finding people in mourning the correct help for their situation. They say on their website that they provide grievers with “Reassurance, a virtual hand of friendship, and ongoing support.”

Child Bereavement UK – A specific charity helping those who are living through the grief of losing a child as well as helping children themselves to cope with grief at such a young age. They have a freephone helpline on their website as well as lots of information, signposting and support if you aren’t able to talk about things yet.

This is honestly a drop in the ocean, a quick google search will return thousands of options. Everyone has different needs. Just take a minute to find what feels right for you. And don’t forget the benefits possible just by calling your GP or NHS 111.

Pregnancy, Baby and Child Loss Support

There is lots of support available for anyone trying to cope with the loss of a child.

Sands – Sands are a stillbirth and neonatal death charity with a welcoming and safe support community available. They work hard to reduce inequalities in pregnancy loss are reduced and they were a critical part of the ongoing support we received all those years ago. They have a helpline, app, support community and much more available on their website, including information for friends and family of those who are bereaved.

Tommys – Tommys is a charity dedicated to finding the causes and treatments for saving babies lives as well as being a trusted hub for pregnancy support and baby loss. Their website has lots of helpful information about the subjects as well as an established peer support community to talk with other parents experiencing a bereavement. They also have an email service that connects you with a trained bereavement midwife, to answer any questions you might need to ask privately.

Saying Goodbye – Saying Goodbye provide information and support for anyone who has suffered the loss of an infant or baby at any stage. They have a beautiful, gentle website with a myriad of information available. Don’t worry – it’s not overwhelming and it’s easy to navigate. They offer a helpline and email address to answer any

Chronic Pain / Fatigue / Illness

NHS Chronic Fatigue – To start with the NHS has a dedicated Chronic Fatigue page on its website with lots of specific information on the condition including symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options.

ME Association – The ME Association is specifically to support and assist people living with ME and CFS. They have a 365 day of the year helpline that opens at various times throughout the day, where you can speak to a trained professional who will offer you help and advice on your issues.

Versus Arthritis – The clue is in the name! Yes, these are the people to call if you have questions about Arthritis. I can personally recommend this helpline after calling them a few times for help and guidance on treatments and referrals after my own diagnosis. They were very knowledgeable, very patient and very helpful.

FMA UK – Fibromyalgia Action UK is a charity that aims to support Fibro sufferers and their families. It is run day to day mostly by a team of volunteers, many of whom have Fibromyalgia themselves.

Fibromyalgia Action – Another Fibro charity, also offering support to patients and their families. They operate a helpline, online forum and nationwide support groups. The support groups specifically can be very helpful, enabling you to meet people who understand what it’s like to live with fibro that are also local to you.

Diabetes UK – A huge resource offering help and support to those living with both types 1 & 2 of diabetes. They have a dedicated helpline and offer online support, local support groups and document resources too.

British Heart Foundation – Offering news, support, statistics and helpful information for anyone dealing with heart issues or concerned they might be. They have a dedicated helpline with a Cardiac Nurse available weekdays 9am-5pm and an email address too.

Eating disorder / body image / diet

BEAT – Beat was founded in 1989 and is the UK’s leading eating disorder charity. Their website offers webchat, email, peer support groups and a telephone helpline where you can speak to an expert about your struggles. They also have a dedicated section for people looking for help with supporting a friend or family member who may have an eating disorder.

Be Real Campaign – This campaign was setup by YMCA and Dove to help anyone develop better body confidence and put health above appearance. They have a wide range of advice and support on their website with a page dedicated to common questions and support regarding body confidence.

Talk ED – Talk ED is the new name for the charity dedicated to Anorexia and Bulemia care. They are a national charity aimed at supporting anyone with an eating disorder or eating distress.

Childline – Supporting a child or young adult with their body confidence and eating healthily can be challenging. The charity Childline is available for children and their carers and has advice and information on every stumbling block our kids come across, including body image and healthy diet. They have a dedicated page called ‘My Body‘ that covers every aspect of their changing figures and how to manage their weight, activity and diet healthily.

This page will be updated regularly as I add charities and organisations to the other pages of my site. If you have any to suggest then please contact me.

As I’ve said before, there are many places to go to get professional support, and lots of them will speak to you anonymously if needed. But the only way to get a long-term fix is by getting all the necessary help provided by professionals. Being creative, having good breathing techniques, being mindful and all of the other endeavours I’ve suggested are incredibly helpful tools, but they will never fix the problem. They are there to help you along.

Of course, if all else fails, a conversation with your GP is probably the best starting point.

Take care and feel well. Steph 💜

*You must not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. If you have any specific questions about any medical matter you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition you should seek immediate medical attention. You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of information on this website

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