Flash Fiction Short Listing – Cranked Anvil

Well, it seems I’ve got my writing mojo back! I was thrilled (probably too thrilled) to see that my recent Flash Fiction entry to the Cranked Anvil competition in June was Shortlisted. I made the difficult decision to reduce the amount of entries I was making to writing competitions. Although I was enjoying myself, theContinue reading “Flash Fiction Short Listing – Cranked Anvil”

Spoonie Press Article – Wheelchair Shame

It’s 8.11am on Wednesday morning, and although I thought I was mentally prepared for this moment, I found it difficult to compute when it actually happened. Today I woke up with my article on ‘Wheelchair Shame‘ in front and centre stage on the Spoonie Press website. It felt incredible and scary, probably in equal measure.Continue reading “Spoonie Press Article – Wheelchair Shame”

Flash Fiction WINNER 🏆🏆

Yes, friend, you read that title completely correctly. Don’t clean those lenses, don’t wipe your phone screen with your sleeve, DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SETS! I WON! For this WINNING 🏆🎈🎈entry I was taking part in the famous Tortive Theatre Flash Fiction 101 competition. Yes, I have entered it many times before and mentioned myContinue reading “Flash Fiction WINNER 🏆🏆”

Processing Pride (or avoiding it)

I’m the first in the queue when you need reminding that you should CELEBRATE 🎉 SUCCESS! Of course you should – whatever you did (getting the stripes on the lawn right, mastering potty training, nailing the promotion, finishing an essay…whatever), you did a great job and you deserve a bloody party! Revel in it, wadeContinue reading “Processing Pride (or avoiding it)”

YES! Short Story WINNER 🏆 🏆 🏆

I love 🥰 having the opportunity to tell you something new, bright and positive. It’s no secret that I have a lot going on…as I saw in a meme recently, my brain has too many tabs open. But it’s actually a testament to everything I’m trying to prove by sharing this hobby and promoting thisContinue reading “YES! Short Story WINNER 🏆 🏆 🏆”

All rise, Judge Clark is presiding… ⚖️

On 28th February 2022 the hidden jury were deliberating in my mind. Who would win in the case of Steph Vs. Picture This? Well lets see… The competition The Secret Attic Picture This competition is a writing comp asking entrants to create a story of no more than 1000 words based on an image. TheContinue reading “All rise, Judge Clark is presiding… ⚖️”

Writing competitions do better. Boo! And my selected flash fiction on Dementia. Yay! ♥

There is no question that the online writing community is getting bigger and with it, the quality of stories I’m up against in any competition is getting better. I’m not sure if I’ve become lazy, if i’m just distracted or maybe I’m not focusing, but my writing is NOT as successful as it was lastContinue reading “Writing competitions do better. Boo! And my selected flash fiction on Dementia. Yay! ♥”

Wanted : friend

I think I’m having my first real creative crisis. It’s come from nowhere. 2022 arrived and there seemed to be a world of ideas, projects and opportunities for me to think about. My partner is the one who deserves the credit for everything I’m about to pour out on this post. I was telling himContinue reading “Wanted : friend”


You’re a wearing a hat. Yes, you. You’ve got a hat on right now, even if you don’t realise it, even if you don’t like hats. I imagine you in a deerstalker with the obligatory pipe too. And now you’re frowning, creating thick lines above your eyebrows as you wonder what the fu*k I’m onContinue reading “Hats”