Recording history

The past is bad, isn’t it? Memories I recall tend to be negative and sad events, and although I struggle to ignore them it’s an unhealthy way to live. Recently I’ve become more aware that I’m losing good memories because I’m allowing the bad ones to be clearer. I can’t erase them, but I canContinue reading “Recording history”

Body confidence

***Trigger warning*** – this post discusses body confidence, body image, eating disorders and general discussion about my lack of confidence. If you need help with these issues then rather than read the whole post, please visit the bottom of the page, where you’ll find information and useful links where you can engage with excellent helpContinue reading “Body confidence”

SANE Community – Mental Health top tip!

You’d think I already write enough, but when a hobby is so pleasureable you should take advantage of it as often as you can – something you all know I promote as part of my Creative Coping Strategies Campaign. However, recently my writing has been focussed on things that feel very negative and monotinous. WritingContinue reading “SANE Community – Mental Health top tip!”

Bad Habits

Unlike Ed Sheeran, my bad habits never lead to conversations with a stranger I barely know… I can’t remember the last time that happened. But he was spot on when he talked about ‘wide eyes staring to space’ and ‘late nights endin’ alone’. If you remove any human interaction then Ed’s ‘Bad Habits’ form aContinue reading “Bad Habits”

New pages, new direction…

I’ve been keeping busy lately, mostly as a woman being propped up by multiple opioids in order to manage my pain. That makes it even more difficult for me to write – I’m either crying because of the stiffness in my pelvis or sleepy beyond belief because morphine and codiene combined make a one wayContinue reading “New pages, new direction…”

The reality of reality TV

Oh yes. It’s that time of year again…the sun is (partially) out, smock dresses and flip flops are impossible to obtain and the freezer is overflowing with Calippos. All of this is a surefire sign of the good news we wait for every June… Love Island. Ok, so lets be clear, I don’t watch thisContinue reading “The reality of reality TV”


400 days. An astronaut could go to the ISS, spend 6 months there and come home in that time. Twice. If you position the start and finish right you could squeeze in 2 Christmases. For those that enjoy a takeaway once a week you’d have consumed 57 of them. You’d probably enjoy around 300 lengthierContinue reading “Outside”

The jigsaw we didn’t expect has no instructions and never ends 🧩

When we finally had the joy of becoming parents, we were so thrilled and relieved that the years of heartache were over, we didn’t care about whatever the future might toss our way. The circle of 4 we wanted to create was finally whole, with 2 loved-up parents, a dog and the girl we’d we’dContinue reading “The jigsaw we didn’t expect has no instructions and never ends 🧩”

What are we fighting for?

Arguments. Whether you are mentally fit, mentally unwell or mentally drained, it makes life infinitely worse, and leaves you squinting through a grey sheen throughout the day. But I think (deep down) that everyone loves a conflict from time-to-time, especially when they think they’re right. If I look back I remember cross words that feltContinue reading “What are we fighting for?”


I’ve thought long and hard about the contents and the title for this post, and there’s only one woman who I want immoraltalised on this site at the very beginning of this rambling moment… Adele. So, in her honour (as a nod of thanks for the many tears the album ‘30’ has encouraged since it’sContinue reading “41”