Grief, resurrected

My grief is heavy. It’s heavy every day from the minute I wake up to the second I drift off again. It sits on my shoulders always, but from time to time it’s quiet and I’ll forget for a bit, then out of nowhere I’ll be reminded of the space that exists, the space theyContinue reading “Grief, resurrected”


You’re a wearing a hat. Yes, you. You’ve got a hat on right now, even if you don’t realise it, even if you don’t like hats. I imagine you in a deerstalker with the obligatory pipe too. And now you’re frowning, creating thick lines above your eyebrows as you wonder what the fu*k I’m onContinue reading “Hats”

Selected for Childrens Mental Health Week

It’s always a wonderful thing to have a successful Short Story that wins or gets selected for a competition. In the Secret Attic Weekly Write last week (week 5) my story was the first selected entry, and I was absolutely thrilled. The story itself, including the difficult content and the timeframe of submission, was probablyContinue reading “Selected for Childrens Mental Health Week”

Isolation – the lonliness pandemic

Before I steam in to this post, I need to acknowledge the serious reality of lonliness for some people and make it clear that I’m not trying to pull the ‘woe is me’ card. Although I feel lonliness and am basically isolated, I’m acutely aware there are others suffering and alone in a far moreContinue reading “Isolation – the lonliness pandemic”

Surprise! Stress approaching!

Sunday morning. Breakfast in bed with a steaming, sugary latte and the sound of white noise lingering as the tv news reports murmur and traffic starts to build outside. You munch a pain aux chocolat (because you’re classy…even if the pastry is landing all over your Egyptian cotton sheets) and sip at your coffee, savouringContinue reading “Surprise! Stress approaching!”

Supportive Support

What the f*ck am I going on about? Supportive Support?? The title is catchy and crap at the same time. A bit like me. But despite this there is an idea, or maybe just an opinion 😜, behind all this. This post is dedicated to our collective need for genuinely supportive support. Therapists, counsellors, helplineContinue reading “Supportive Support”

Where did my personality go?

Who am I? Why am I like this? Am I really still the one in charge? Questions I ask myself regularly in bed, normally in the dead of night or when I wake up and feel that dazed and confused strangeness. But the questions happen for a reason. Things have changed since my mental healthContinue reading “Where did my personality go?”

Rejection and the Fear of Rejection

I’ve managed to get a bit closer to my creative mojo over the last few weeks and it’s led me to think it might be an appropriate time to talk about my mental health…again. A recent conversation on a bad (actually terrible) day left me considering whether or not anyone loved or cared for me.Continue reading “Rejection and the Fear of Rejection”

The power of kindness, listening and love

Think about the last conversation you had. Whether it was with a relative, friend, colleague or just a passing stranger, did you think carefully about the conversation at the time? Did you ponder how the words you were saying might be more than just words? Did you consider that the words you say might beContinue reading “The power of kindness, listening and love”